Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for affiliates
FAQ for merchants

FAQ For Affiliates:
Affiliate Marketers & Website or Email Publishers
1. I'm brand new. How do I begin to earn revenue and commissions?
First, you need to create a new account at registration: Then, once inside, click on the "Promote as an affiliate" button. The easiest way to start making money as an affiliate is by trying one of our merchants' product promotion blueprints. These blueprints reveal exactly where to promote these products both online and offline.

See our top products of the moment and try promoting using a blueprint:
2. How do I get my affiliate links?
Under each product listed, there should be something labeled "Affiliate Link" - it should be in the form:

You will then replace the YOURUSERNAME with your Payzeno username. This is the link you will send traffic through to get credited for commissions on that particular product.
3. What are blueprints?
A product's blueprint is aimed at giving you the places which can bring commissions to you because there exist buyers for that particular product. If a blueprint is good, you should be able to make sales and commissions right away. Merchants are compelled to keep improving their blueprints for your assistance and maximization of profits.
4. Do I have to have a website?
Not to worry. Many of Payzeno's members do not ever end up owning a website at all! You can generate revenue via other methods shown in the promotion blueprints - if shown by merchant. These may include buying advertisements for a product, or doing a classified ad, or offline promotion methods. However, many of our advanced members end up creating websites of their own as there are advantages there too.
5. How do I get paid?
You will get paid directly to your bank account by the merchants. After you make referred sales and commissions, the merchant is notified to pay you after 4 weeks from period of sales generated to account for any refunds. You can see how much is earned each day inside your account.
6. If a blueprint shows advertisements to use, do I have to pay for it?
The blueprints themselves are free to see. However, the merchant's blueprint is only there to show you EXACTLY what to do. You can copy it as a starting point towards revenue as it's intended to work very well. However, you still must take the action yourself, by following it like a turn-key map for your business. In the case of advertisements, you still need to pay for the ads yourself as this is now your business to run.
7. What are the fees associated with being an affiliate?
None! Only the merchant is charged a small nominal fee that Payzeno takes. Affiliates get to keep their entire revenue share as we always put you, the affiliate, first for profit maximization.
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FAQ For Merchants:
Product Creators, E-commerce Stores, or Lead Generation Advertisers
1. How do I start selling?
First, you need to create a new account at registration: Then, once inside, click on the "Sell as a merchant" button. You can then add a product of your own. We also highly urge you to place a tested blueprint of what traffic sources convert. This will help you recruit affiliates and keep them happy - as an automatic low-cost way of marketing your products or services.
2. How do I get paid?
You will get paid directly to your bank account for all sales of your products and services.
3. How do I create a blueprint for my affiliates?
If you already know which traffic sources bring you customers, then you can list them out and reveal to affiliates how to most easily make sales. Think about high-traffic websites or media which have a critical mass of buyers for your product. You may even see examples of good blueprints on our top-5 products here:

If you are not able to come up with a good blueprint, we recommend one easy way is to generate a list of search engine keywords through this free tool: => click on Website content => enter your website product URL and generate some keyword ideas to list on your blueprint for affiliates. This can be an easy start of a targeted blueprint.

The most successful merchants not only test out their traffic sources for conversions before listing in their blueprints, but they also constantly fine-tune and expand their blueprints for the benefit of affiliates.
4. How do I pay my affiliates?
You will be notified to pay your affiliates after the closing of the month to account for any refunds. You will be given a "Mass Pay" file to use. Just login to your account and go to "View Payment" tab and you may download it there to easily pay everyone you owe commissions to.

You have the choice to pay whenever after the 1st of the month after the sale. However, we encourage you to pay your affiliates before the 20th as to keep them happy and loyal at promoting your products. This is a relationship based on trust and the most successful merchants always understand this.
5. What types of items can I sell?
Anything except for illegal items. You may also use our network to generate new leads given compliance with the your local laws.
6. How do I track my analytics i.e. which affiliates made sales and which are driving traffic to a product of mine?
Click on the "Products" link on the upper right navigation menu to see all the products that you sell listed. For each product listed, there will be a link labeled "Traffic". Click inside to see full affiliate referral analytics that you can segment based on date and time period.
7. What are the fees associated with selling my products on Payzeno?
A small, nominal fee of $1 + 6% per transaction. Your affiliates will not be charged at all for the purposes of maximizing their profitability and to continue generating you sales and leads.
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